Discussion about mlf 2.4, sixteen weeks later (Project organisation)

by Auge ⌂, Friday, February 03, 2017, 08:15 (2633 days ago) @ Magma

Hi, has the report-spam/abuse-link or button been added in or will it be in 2.4 at all?

Because I got no answer to my questions

A further request is to have a report-spam/abuse-link or button.

Is this of any importance? I would support it in principle but don't want to exceed the task list.

Any thoughts?

Is a quick fix possible here or should it be deferred?

Should an abuse or a spam report trigger an email addressed to the team members or should it be stored in a new message infrastructure in the admin area?

… the report-button will definitively not included into the version 2.4(.0). But I for myself am interested to include a reporting function. It's very likely, that the function comes with one of the minor updates of the 2.4-branch. I sat up an issue (#156) with the provisional goal to include it in 2.4.1. But it's not unlikely, that it will, because of the new table, be deferred to the version 2.5.

1. Once you pick a gender in the profile you cannot then deselect a gender for example If I decide I as a user do not want to show my gender anymore.

Yes, that's a bad behaviour. It's caused by the lack of a not-specified-state in the gender-group of form fields. I'll see, if I can include it without any trouble. I sorted the issue (#157) into the milestone 2.4.1 but it's very likely, that it will be accomplished until the 2.4 release.

2. I have the forum setup to allow users to edit only for 30 minutes, if user selects 'notification of reply' there is no way of unsubscribing from this notification after 30 minutes. I think notification emails should have a unsubscribe link.

With the new introduced subscription feature the notification-feature in it's old form should IMHO be removed. When an author get's an auto subscription for his entries, he would only need to unsubscribe from the entry or thread. No need for enhancements for a from now on unnecessary feature. But that's IMHO not a very urgent task.

Tschö, Auge

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