Discussion about bug fixing and planned features for mlf 2.4 (Project organisation)

by Auge ⌂, Thursday, October 06, 2016, 12:25 (2814 days ago)
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While the version 2.3.7beta2 is undertaken the last tests, we should discuss the list for the version 2.4. We have collected the first few points that should be fixed respectively included. Aside from that I found a few threads with error reportings and wishes in this project forum.

I will offer a list of the points with questions and notices (in bold text).

  • Show views of all entries in a thread instead only of the opening entry in the table view (thread in a hidden category and thatswhy not linked).
    Is this fixed?
  • Status 404 for images in a custom theme. It's probably an error of the theme creator, but maybe not.
    Should be investigated.
  • There seems to be a RSS-issue, where new entries doesn't show up instantaneously in some clients. Maybe client-issues, maybe a problem with time format?
    Should be investigated.
  • A second issue with RSS, that came up a few minutes ago. The feed is updated every time a new entry is posted. There is no update in case od a deletion of an entry or a thread. An entry will furthermore reside in the feed even if it is removed from the forum.
    Should be investigated.
  • Images in the feed was reported to be broken (wrong path given).
    Is this fixed? (my feed-reader only provides the entries headers and some metadata)
  • A problem with the Ajax-preview-bubble was reported.
    I for myself can't confirm the behaviour. On the other hand images should IMHO shrinked to a bit less of 100% of the width and/or height.
  • A feature request was to have infinite scrolling in the overview pages.
    I personally like the idea, am not able to realise it and have no clue about the effort.
  • A further request is to have a report-spam/abuse-link or button.
    Is this of any importance? I would support it in principle but don't want to exceed the task list.
  • Someone wanted to have tab order for buttons, mainly in the posting form.
    This is (not only!) important for disabled persons. But at that point I have further questions about the UI and especially the font size. ;-)

Please consider to offer your thoughts about one, a few or all of the points. I want to know if you think, that special points are very important or of no importance. Or, if you think, that one or another point is very complex or easy to realise. I then will trnasmit the chosen points to the issue list in the Github-repository.

Tschö, Auge

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