I'll try to update to 2.3.7 soon... (Project organisation)

by glorifyday, Thursday, October 13, 2016, 22:13 (2694 days ago) @ Auge

Making links in entry titles possible, what leads to a text whereof different parts links to different pages or websites, is everything else but ergonomic. Users expect to have a link to the entry itself at that point.

But Auge, believe me, I saw it working in a forum used by hundreds of people and all of them were very satisfied with this behaviour. Unfortunately, the owner of the forum chose to close it without notice and a group of expats gathered in a new place, using the software that your team created, because it resembles the old forum a bit. I cannot show you the old forum, because it is closed, anyway the behaviour was very ergonomic and flexible. The users loved it.

I expect to get an actualised state of the forum. Read entries should be marked as read, unread entries should stay unread

I can agree with this. This would be OK.
I suspect, however, that this is programmatically difficult, so I proposed a different solution. You find it unacceptable, but I find it much more ergonomic than the current one. And I guess that it would mean only slight changes in a model and already implemented logic.

new entries that was created since the last (re)load of the page should also be shown as unread.

If they were already read before the refresh, this would not be intuitive.

Nothing to say against a function to mark all entries read, but that would not be a "refresh".

Anyway, it would be useful, at least as an "ersatz" for now.


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