suggested features for mlf 2.4 (Project organisation)

by Auge ⌂, Friday, October 07, 2016, 08:57 (2813 days ago) @ glorifyday


The … users … have some suggestions. Maybe I could report some of them as suggestions for the development.

Let's go!

  • Read/Unread posts
    What if the read/unread status was (maybe optionally) determined on a timestamp?
    The forum would contain a 'Mark all as read' button, that would update the timestamp (maybe in a category) and refresh the view.
    What do you think?

There is a half-way-implemented (?) feature to store the information about the users last 200 read entries. I have no clue, in wich way it works or was intended to work (I was given a bigger role in the development around three months ago).

IMHO it's not a satisfying solution to store only up to a fixed maximum of (here 200) entries in the list. On the other hand it would be a big additional data stack to store every ID of every by a registered user read posting for the whole future (= the time, the forum will exist).

Maybe it is a solution to store these information for – let's say – a half year or, if the setting auto_lock_old_threads is activated, until the thread is locked through the given time limit and is, so to speak, "archived".

This has to be discussed and I think, it needs a bit more time to implement it.

  • Ajax preview bubbles
    Possibility to show the bubbles on hover over the post title.

I'm not willing to support that. Yes, it saves one click per entry but on the other hand it can – and I'm convinced it will – lead to many faulty operations, when users move the mouse cursor, pass over the titles of entries and opens numerous preview bubbles unintentionally.

  • Post title enhancements
    Smilies, images and links in titles?

As the entries title is in many views a link in itself, links inside the entries titles are no option. I suspect, images in titles would likely break the layout, because users intends often to overact with the size of the images. Remains the smilies.

In the time of availability of unicode-smilies on many devices and in many operating systems and the fact, that the forum in itself works stable with unicode (UTF-8), it is already possible to use smilies in an entries title.
Attention: These are not the smilies you can insert into the entries body with the buttons!

I hope some of them might be helpful.

Yes, it is helpful, even it's partially rejected.

Tschö, Auge

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