Update from 2.4.24 to 20220803.1 failed (Bugs)

by Fritz ⌂ @, Friday, September 23, 2022, 13:00 (636 days ago) @ Auge

Servus Auge,

thank you for your quick and comprehensive reply.

The database is now running MySQL 5.7

Just one more question:
in db_setting.php the following is declared:
$db_settings['b8_wordlist_table'] = 'mlf2_b8_wordlist';
$db_settings['b8_rating_table'] = 'mlf2_b8_rating';
$db_settings['akismet_rating_table'] = 'mlf2_akismet_rating';
$db_settings['uploads_table'] = 'mlf2_uploads';

Should I also delete these lines in db_setting.php prior to upgrading to 20220803.1


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