B8 Problems using PHP 8.1 (Bugs)

by Micha ⌂, Thursday, April 28, 2022, 09:39 (752 days ago) @ Auge


B8 (not from github) should work with PHP8, afaik.

There is a problem and I'm currently not able to detect the source. B8 works with PHP 8.1. I was able to check it using the example provided by the developer. However, it doesn't work with PHP 8.1 in MLF. If I try to flag an entry as HAM, I get an error, i.e.,

Duplicate entry 'Testword' FOR KEY 'PRIMARY'

(call of function learn() and unlearn() )

The token column in $db_settings['b8_wordlist_table'] is the primary key. The key "Testword" exists of course and is used to count the classification HAM or SPAM. So, B8 trys to insert the value instead of updating the table. The question is: Why does it works with PHP 7.4 but not with PHP 8.1?

Is the collocation a problem? Currently, we are using utf8_general_ci instead of utf8_bin.

Any ideas?


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