MLF and PHP 8: it will come contemporary (Bugs)

by Auge ⌂, Thursday, April 21, 2022, 14:23 (759 days ago) @ Auge


Soliloquy: We have to check, if the external scripts (stored in modules), we are using, are PHP-8-aware in itself.

These are:

- Akismet
- B8 (latest release I found is version 1.1.0 from 2020-07-11)
- Bad Behavior (latest release 2.2.23 from 2019-08-07 (really latest release 2.2.24 does only affect users of WordPress))
- GesHi (latest release from 2017-05-15)
- phpMailer
- Smarty (we need Smarty 4.0.x for PHP-8.0-support and Smarty 4.1 for PHP-8.1-support)
- stringparser_bbcode (no development since ages, only checking for compatibility)

@Micha: are you able to say something at least about B8 and phpMailer? You included these modules and commited several updates.

Tschö, Auge

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