MLF and PHP 8: it will come contemporary (Bugs)

by Auge ⌂, Thursday, April 21, 2022, 11:27 (759 days ago) @ John P


my host (InMotionHosting) is also stopping support of PHP 7 within the next few months. How is the transition of MLF to PHP 8 going? Any chance it will be done in the next few months?

I have finished the work on the last piece of server side code I wanted to get ready (PR #575) before the release of a first PHP-8-aware version of MLF2. To be clear, the feature to set a target frame for links in forum entries (to break out of an Iframe), that PR #575 introduces, is not ready yet. It needs counterpart code at the JS-side but the non-existing JS-code does not break anything. It only prevents the feature from working.

So we are ready to release a first PHP-8-aware version of MLF2. The code in the master branch (currently the development branch for version 2.5) is in general well tested because Micha operates his forum with the current development state (with exception of the changes from PR #575) since "ages" and he fixed several issues of the 2.5-development-branch during the latest two years.

I will contribute a last commit that changes the doctype declaration for the default theme to HTML5 and will afterwards release a new version. Therefore I will change the version number scheming to be date based (i.e. "20220421" (does not exist in reality)) as stated in another forum entry. The version number, using the old scheme (will be v2.5.0), will be added to the release notes only, so one is able to compare it to an older release/code status.

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