Invitation for update of translations (French) - done (Development)

by akakima @, Wednesday, February 07, 2024, 19:07 (75 days ago) @ Auge

Thank you for your effort.

You are welcome ...

edit_user_where_to_open_links = 'Les liens dans les <em>entrées</em> doivent-ils s\'ouvrir dans des fenêtres ou des onglets de navigateur identiques ou différents?'

Is the position of the question mark (at the hidden end of the line) correct?
As far as I know, in french language one puts a space in front of the question mark and in other questions and also in sentences with an exclamatiopn mark you put the space in front of these characters. What's with dots (.) as end characters of a sentencte?

You are right. ! and ? need a space before.
?, !, and . mark the end of a phrase.
Also, phrase must begin with an upper case character.
For dots, no space before it. One space after it.

I opened a pull request on Github. Currently it's a draft. After clearing the above question(s) and your OK I'll commit it.

I will do some more research & verification. And will produce a new revised version.
Plus i found an occurrence of [[here]]. Should be translated to [[ici]].

The file will be better than the previous one, but wont be perfect !
Even if French is my native language (i am from Québec), i am not a specialist.
But, i will do my best.

NB: I have a Github account, but almost no experience with it. All i know is how to clone !

Thank you for your first(?) contribution.

Yes, this is my first contribution.

Tschö, Auge

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