Version 2.4.23: Backup/Restore functions WORK!!!! (General)

by shian, Monday, October 05, 2020, 13:52 (1287 days ago) @ Auge

P.s. When I have some time I need to install another instance of Version 2.4.23, with new SQL database, and test the Backup/Restore function, (I can't see why it did not work in my case until now).

This would be great. I tested my changes with a backup of my own forum and a fresh table structure, created with the table-create-statements from install/install.sql. It worked. Let's see if this works in your forum too.

Tschö, Auge

UNBELIEVABLE! IT WORKS! THE BACKUP/RESTORE FUNCTION IN Version 2.4.23 Works on the temporary test-forum, and on the real-forum!

Furthermore: I've downloaded a cpanel backup After I've restored the real forum using the Admin Backup/Restore function - and the cpanel backup file size reduced from 139K to 70K ! Half!

I did not check each entry in the forum, but it seems to work as usual.

Thanks a lot Auge! (P.s. why don't you leave the Backup/Restore function in version 2.5? It is very unique to my little forum - I did not see it in other forums, and that was the reason that I started to use my little forum in the first place...).

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