Version 2.4.23, problems with icons and its placement (General)

by shian, Thursday, October 01, 2020, 09:08 (1326 days ago)

You can download the new release 2.4.23 from Github or, if you have already installed a 2.4-release, following the link in the menu page of your forums admin area.

Please report any problems with the new version here.

I downloaded and installed 'mylittleforum-2.4.23.tar.gz', at:

( using my existing database from mylittleforum-2.4.21.tar.gz: )

Here are two bugs:

'To top' has no arrow, and the RSS image is under...:

'To top' has no arrow:

This is not because I've changed the default theme, i.e. the files:
(I did not mess with the RSS and Top code)

Thank you, shian.

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