Version 2.4.23, problems with icon's placement (NOT AGAIN!) (General)

by Auge ⌂, Monday, October 05, 2020, 11:40 (1296 days ago) @ WorldofBB


I replied to this initially with a suggestion that it might be a local caching issue because I wasn't seeing the issue on your site at first. I deleted my initial reply when I realized my mistake.

The problem occurs only in thread view, and it affects this site as well.

I also didn't see the problem in shian's forum because of the use of the single-entry-view. :-|

As a workaround, you could change line 61 in style.min.css to this:

p.right a.rss,div.small a.rss{padding-left:15px}

That should work fine …

It's good enough for an instantaneous fix.

… but I'm guessing the devs would want to do this a little differently since I'm noticing that there is some manual styling on these entries that should probably be converted to a css class at the same time.

I have to disagree (a little bit). Yes, a unification of the structure of the views is desirable. But you unified only the threaded view (nested view) with the flat threaded view (board view) but not with the single entry view, where the link is HTML-sided contained in a p (paragraph) and not in a div and where there is no inline styling.

For further details please compare entry.inc.tpl (line 68) with thread.inc.tpl (line 91) and with thread_linear.inc.tpl (line 87).

You are right, the inline styles should get replaced and this seems to be an easy task because entry.inc.tpl yet makes use of a proper class "right" (with a not so proper naming). It's debatable if a paragraph as the container is plausible or if the use of a div would be better but beside from that we should use the same HTML-structure in all three views. And when we do, we can use the same CSS-ruleset for all RSS-links in all views.

Oh, not to forget. Thank you for your research and work.

A doubled thank you. While doing my own research for comparision of the relevant code in the default theme and in my theme Responsive_1 I found similar structural differences in my own theme. There is some work waiting for me. :-)

Tschö, Auge

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