Version 2.4.23, problems with icons and its placement (General)

by Auge ⌂, Friday, October 02, 2020, 15:42 (1392 days ago) @ shian


If the {$FORUM_ADDRESS}/{$THEMES_DIR}/{$theme} is not a relational path - then how can anyone install two versions of my little forum? It's literally impossible. Therefore any attempt to "fix" any error is ridiculous since there is no error at all...

I assume that you should mention somewhere that one cannot install two different versions of my little forum... right?

I guess that you should change {$FORUM_ADDRESS}/{$THEMES_DIR}/{$theme} into relational path instead of absolute path, or something similar. Am I right? :lookaround:

No, the URL with its path-(part) is absolute and that's intended. But, when your testing forum shares the database with your live forum (as you stated before), then it shares also the settings table with the settings for the live system (including the URL with the path to the live forum). Thatswhy your testing forum loads the CSS-file (status 2.4.21) from the live forum into your testing installation (status 2.4.23).

You can test the CSS in your testing forum by copying only the settings table (i.e. copying the table to mlf2_settings_test), address this testing table in the file config/db_settings.php as name for the array element $db_settings['settings_table'], load it into your testing forum and change the setting for the forum URL after a reload of the forum page (loads the new stats of db_settings.php). After an addtional reload with [CTRL]+[F5] (reloads all ressources from the webserver and circumvents the browser cache) you should have loaded the new CSS-file.

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