More MLF2 issues found (General)

by Otto, Tuesday, October 30, 2007, 21:08 (5402 days ago) @ Alex

Part 1 (due to text size limit)

thank you for this detailed feedback! However I think some of these issues have to wait until version 2.1. ;-)

:D Of course, I do not expect all remarks to be implemented immediately :-)

The contact link does not have a description when hovering over the link

OK, not all links have a title - what should it be?

Err, I thought of something like "E-mail Admin for questions, remarks, or complaints about this forum".

timer which waits let’s say 2 hours before the “self registration” activation e-mail will be sent?

Who should tell the script after 2 hours to send the activation key? This could IMHO only be done by a cronjob. Isn't the option enough that new accounts can be locked after registering?

Your right, but if the forum is relatively busy it could also be done by the script itself. Every time the script runs, it could check the user list for new entries. If there are enough page views per hour it should work. But for now it's not that important. Maybe for version 2.1 :-)

multiple categories in their profile and put them in an extra entry “user preference” in the drop down list?
No bad idea. Maybe for 2.1... ;-)

Okay :D

The color of the admin’s and moderator’s name stil doesn’t work.

OK, the setting "admin_mod_highlight" is needless. You can just modify span.admin and span.mod in style.css instead.

Okay, I will try it.

Moderators should have the possibility to enter a limited area of the admin’s pages like the “spam protection” area

Hm, a matter of taste...

I will try to make a list of items which I think could also be done by moderators. I think a moderator could do more than just delete or modify postings. I think some moderators could also do management of users, edit banned IP’s…

Some contact possibilities for multiple moderators.

Not very important for me, but I'll think about it. You can contact every user (and moderator) who makes his e-mail address contactable and there's the contact link to contact the responsible person of the forum.

The reason I ask this, is because my forum has a team of moderators. Each moderator moderates during one week, then the other takes one week, etc. The users have normally no idea who is moderating at a moment. So if someone wants to contact the moderator, to whom he has to mail? Therefore, I thought a message to multiple contact could be useful. Maybe also something for version 2.1…

I would like the possibility that you optional allow that, so users can see those messages, but of course cannot write in that category.

You can use the lock feature for that (OK, mods and admins always have to unlock the thread before and lock it after adding a reply).

No, I mean if I add a category “forum announcements”, then only mods and admins should write messages in that category, and normal users can only read them. In your suggestion I can lock a message, but users can then create their own “forum announcements”, since it is still a public category.

possibility to attach a small icon to a category, and display this icon (with the category as tooltip) instead of the name in the message tree?

For which reason?

Aesthetics :) Now you see after the date of the posting an icon for “show preview” then an icon for “open whole thread”, and then (category). But it is not that important to make it an issue…

In threaded mode: When reading a reply it would be nice to have some indication of at least a small (iconic) link in the message title area to the message to which it replies. (Like it is already done in full thread display with the @ user behind the header of each post).

OK, I'll think about it.


When users register themselves, could it be possible to include the login name and password in the activation mail sent to the new user?

No, because the password isn't stored in the userdata table (only the md5 checksum).
EDIT: OK, it's possible to send it directly with the activation key.



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