More MLF2 issues found (General)

by Alex ⌂ @, Tuesday, October 30, 2007, 01:42 (5193 days ago) @ Otto

Hi Otto,

thank you for this detailed feedback! However I think some of these issues have to wait until version 2.1. ;-)
To get 2.0 final released soon I think we should particularly focus on bugs, security issues and code optimization. Let's see...

The contact link does not have a description when hovering over the link

OK, not all links have a title - what should it be?

timer which waits let’s say 2 hours before the “self registration” activation e-mail will be sent?

Who should tell the script after 2 hours to send the activation key? This could IMHO only be done by a cronjob. Isn't the option enough that new accounts can be locked after registering?

multiple categories in their profile and put them in an extra entry “user preference” in the drop down list?

No bad idea. Maybe for 2.1... ;-)

The color of the admin’s and moderator’s name stil doesn’t work.

OK, the setting "admin_mod_highlight" is needless. You can just modify span.admin and span.mod in style.css instead.

Moderators should have the possibility to enter a limited area of the admin’s pages like the “spam protection” area

Hm, a matter of taste...

Some contact possibilities for multiple moderators.

Not very important for me, but I'll think about it. You can contact every user (and moderator) who makes his e-mail address contactable and there's the contact link to contact the responsible person of the forum.

category for admins and moderators only, ... a clever user ... may try to enter it via the URL bar ... Then the result is a page with three "Warning: ..."

OK, should be fixed but isn't a security issue.

I would like the possibility that you optional allow that, so users can see those messages, but of course cannot write in that category.

You can use the lock feature for that (OK, mods and admins always have to unlock the thread before and lock it after adding a reply).

possibility to attach a small icon to a category, and display this icon (with the category as tooltip) instead of the name in the message tree?

For which reason?

In threaded mode: When reading a reply it would be nice to have some indication of at least a small (iconic) link in the message title area to the message to which it replies. (Like it is already done in full thread display with the @ user behind the header of each post).

OK, I'll think about it.

When users register themselves, could it be possible to include the login name and password in the activation mail sent to the new user?

No, because the password isn't stored in the userdata table (only the md5 checksum).
EDIT: OK, it's possible to send it directly with the activation key.

Some users find the statistical info on the user area (Registered, Last login, logins, logins per day, postings, postings per day) privacy related, and I can agree with their arguments. Could those items optionally made hidden (or only visible for moderators and admins)?

To do it quickly just modify the template user_profile.tpl.inc.

When in user area, I miss some kind of search for a user. Especially when the user list is large, you have to browse to all the users to find the searched one.

Yes, good idea.

Could it made possible to delete own postings (provided that no reply is already been done)?

Maybe a good idea as well. ;-)

When thread is displayed in linear mode, the order of the posting is still hierarchical.

In linear mode the order is by time (latest posting at the bottom).

youngest posting first, with the exception that the original posting stays on top?

This sounds quite strange to me!

When choosing to display messages form a category, the thread list changes to showing only the messages in that category. However the recent messages in the sidebar keep showing messages from all categories.

Yes, because latest postings are latest postings in which category ever.

Could an option been made that guests can post messages, but these massages are not directly posted, but sent to the mod or admin for approval?

Many things are possible! ;-)

Option to display avatar only in profiles and not in messages.

Good idea.

Proposal for new policy for uploaded images.

I already thought about inserting thumbnails but it's a little bit tricky - particularly with remote images.

Security issue: One of my test users managed to post a reply on a closed thread. I will send you details by mail.

Yes, must be fixed! So far there's no verification whether the thread is locked ore not after submitting the form.


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