More MLF2 issues found (General)

by Otto @, Monday, October 29, 2007, 18:56 (5145 days ago)

Hi MLF developers,

In the mean time I have extended access to my forum to a greater set of test users. The last weeks, I have gathered a couple of remarks during this period. It has become quite a list, but I hope it could be useful to improve the script.

Old items (repeated for clarity)

- The contact link does not have a description when hovering over the link
- Could it made possible to add a timer which waits let’s say 2 hours before the “self registration” activation e-mail will be sent? It appears that banned persons sometimes walk to an internet café, register them selves and continue to attack the forum. When delaying the auto registration, they have to wait a long time.
- When using categories, then a visitor can select all or one of the categories to show. Could it be an option for registered users that they can select multiple categories in their profile and put them in an extra entry “user preference” in the drop down list?
- The color of the admin’s and moderator’s name stil doesn’t work.
- Moderators should have the possibility to enter a limited area of the admin’s pages like the “spam protection” area, they should have the option to enter banned IP-addresses, user agents, and bad words. Perhaps a “mod” entry in the menu at the right top corner where the admin pages stand in case of an admin login is visible?
- Some contact possibilities for multiple moderators. So, a kind of link which sends a message to all moderators (possibly including the admin).

New issues (found while running builds 15 and 16)

- When adding a category for admins and moderators only, the (for normal users invisible) category still gets a category number. When a clever user discovers the omission of a category, he may try to enter it via the URL bar for example when category 2 is hidden “”. Then the result is a page with three “Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource”type warnings. (Then same error occurs when manually entering non existent categories)
- As mentioned above, when creating a category for mods and admins, the normal users do not see those messages. I would like the possibility that you optional allow that, so users can see those messages, but of course cannot write in that category. In this way mods and admins can write public messages in their own separate category.
- In threaded mode: Could it be an idea to have the possibility to attach a small icon to a category, and display this icon (with the category as tooltip) instead of the name in the message tree?
- In threaded mode: When reading a reply it would be nice to have some indication of at least a small (iconic) link in the message title area to the message to which it replies. (Like it is already done in full thread display with the @ user behind the header of each post). Especially in long threads you get easily lost and finding back the current message in the tree is quite a job.
- When users register themselves, could it be possible to include the login name and password in the activation mail sent to the new user? Many users keep such kind of mails in their archives for the case they lost their password. I know, that they can request lost login data their selves, but less experienced users would probably contact the admin first.
- Some users find the statistical info on the user area (Registered, Last login, logins, logins per day, postings, postings per day) privacy related, and I can agree with their arguments. Could those items optionally made hidden (or only visible for moderators and admins)?
- When in user area, I miss some kind of search for a user. Especially when the user list is large, you have to browse to all the users to find the searched one.
- Could it made possible to delete own postings (provided that no reply is already been done)? Sometimes a user accidentally replies on the wrong post. It would be nice if he could correct this by himself. At this moment he can edit a message, but cannot remove it.
- When thread is displayed in linear mode, the order of the posting is still hierarchical. Could it be possible to change the sort order in linear mode to chronological (youngest posting first), with the exception that the original posting stays on top?
- When choosing to display messages form a category, the thread list changes to showing only the messages in that category. However the recent messages in the sidebar keep showing messages from all categories. I think it is better to let the sidebar also show only the recent messages in the chosen category.

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