More MLF2 issues found (General)

by Otto @, Tuesday, October 30, 2007, 21:10 (5192 days ago) @ Otto

Part 2

Some users find the statistical info on the user area (Registered, Last login, logins, logins per day, postings, postings per day) privacy related, and I can agree with their arguments. Could those items optionally made hidden (or only visible for moderators and admins)?

To do it quickly just modify the template

Yes, I have done that, and it works :)

When in user area, I miss some kind of search for a user. Especially when the user list is large, you have to browse to all the users to find the searched one.

Yes, good idea.

Could it made possible to delete own postings (provided that no reply is already been done)?

Maybe a good idea as well. ;-)


When thread is displayed in linear mode, the order of the posting is still hierarchical.

In linear mode the order is by time (latest posting at the bottom).

Oh, I didn’t noticed that. I’ll check it out.

When choosing to display messages form a category, the thread list changes to showing only the messages in that category. However the recent messages in the sidebar keep showing messages from all categories.
Yes, because latest postings are latest postings in which category ever.

I know, but is it technically difficult to let it also follow the category?

Option to display avatar only in profiles and not in messages.

Good idea.


Proposal for new policy for uploaded images.

I already thought about inserting thumbnails but it's a little bit tricky - particularly with remote images.

I think you should handle uploaded and remote images differently. People that use remote images are mostly the more experienced internet users, so they should know how there images are shown on the forum. Maybe an extra BB code “thumbnail” could be created. This allows the experienced user to show large remote images in a reduced view. For the uploaded images, we can then use an own thumbnail scheme.


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