More MLF2 issues found (General)

by Otto @, Monday, October 29, 2007, 18:57 (5193 days ago) @ Otto

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- Could an option been made that guests can post messages, but these massages are not directly posted, but sent to the mod or admin for approval? Then it works similar to registering via admin/mod. So, when an unregistered user posts a message, he gets a response like: “thank you for posting a message, your message will be placed on the this forum after approval by a moderator. This could take some time, please have a little patience”. In the mean time, the a message is sent to the mods/admins of the kind: “xxxx has submitted message [link] to the forum, please reject or accept”.
- Option to display avatar only in profiles and not in messages. For example in forum settings: Avatars: () show in profiles; () show in profiles and messages; () disabled
- Proposal for new policy for uploaded images. In many cases the file size is the key motivation to reduce uploaded images. Although, the width and height of the image is also important for keeping the screen layout clean. I have some problems with the current upload policy for uploading images. For photographs the current system works fine. However for other pictures the system flaws. Especially on technical forums, often illustrations like: schematic diagrams, screen shots, scans from book pages, etc. are used. Those types of images have often very small file size, because they are compressed efficiently. But when they are scaled to lower W x H, they quickly become unreadable. I think it would be better to change the policy of pictures to facilitate the use of illustrations better. I propose to compress files larger than max file size, to meet the file size limits. Then the images are not compressed to lower W x H but are only displayed in lower resolution by using the WIDTH="max width" and / or HEIGHT="max height" attributes of the IMG tag, and also make the picture clickable. When clicking on the picture the user get the full resolution of the picture (for instance in a separate window). Maybe a tooltip text “click on the image to view the full image” could also be added.
- The display policy could also be used for images from external URLs. (Provided that you can determine the W x H parameters of an external picture).
- Security issue: One of my test users managed to post a reply on a closed thread. I will send you details by mail.

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