An option to disable the 'Contact' link / Backup-Restore (Features)

by shian, Sunday, August 30, 2020, 13:54 (1389 days ago)

One feature that I personally would use is to disable the 'Contact' link at the bottom of the forum screen.

In my case I prefer to get email directly from the sender; The other reason is that the 'Contact' link is a "great" feature for spam mail, and this is annoying.

I guess that the option to disable the 'Contact' link should be in the 'Advanced options' of the forum. (In my case the email is displayed on the screen).

Another thing:

One of the best admin features of my little forum is the 'Backup'. I would love to use it instead of using the cpanel of the server. Yet, every time that I've tried to 'Restore' a database it failed with the message (or something similar):


MySQL error: Incorrect datetime value: '' for column `rapideup_mylittleforum-2.4.21`.`mlf2_temp_infos`.`time` at row 1

If the 'Backup' feature is not reliable, then it shouldn't be there, yet I guess that a lot of users would love to use this great feature. We all know that Backup is critical and we all need it. I would love to see it works, really.

Thank you for this great software.

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