I think I found the reason for the backup error (Features)

by shian, Tuesday, September 08, 2020, 14:02 (250 days ago) @ Auge

This is the entry in my last backup of my little forum, using the 'Backup' feature:

# mlf2_temp_infos
TRUNCATE TABLE mlf2_temp_infos;
INSERT INTO mlf2_temp_infos VALUES ('last_changes', '1598868462', '2020-08-31 13:07:42');

Ok, there is only this one entry ('last_changes', '1598868462', '2020-08-31 13:07:42') in the table mlf2_temp_infos? No entry for the version number? No entry for the latest version check?

No. That's all there is, one entry.

It looks OK. So I tried to restore again using my little forum 'Restore', and I got a new error! :-D :


MySQL error: Column count doesn't match value count at row 1

Oh, that is definitely another statement. Because the forum entries are gone I guess it's the satement for the table mlf2_entries. The statement for the table mlf2_temp_infos implicitely specifies three columns (with not naming them, there are only three columns in the table (`name`, `value`, `time`)) and provides data for three columns ('last_changes', '1598868462', '2020-08-31 13:07:42').

it's getting interesting... BTW - The 'Restore' simply erased all entries in my Forum! :-|

:-( I hope, you have a working backup and did the tests in a non productive copy of your real forum. I will definitely dig into it.

Tschö, Auge

Thank you. I backup everything, always. Yet I did the tests in a productive copy... anyone who knows me cannot be too surprised... :-)

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