Error in the backup-restore-function (Features)

by shian, Friday, September 04, 2020, 18:14 (1416 days ago) @ Auge


MySQL error: Incorrect datetime value: '' for column `rapideup_mylittleforum-2.4.21`.`mlf2_temp_infos`.`time` at row 1

Did you encounter further errors?

As far as I remember this was the only error, in PHP version 5.x as well as in PHP version 7.x - the same error after a clean install of the forum and the database.

With version 2.5 the backup function will get removed. ...

We came to the conclusion that it's much better to remove this function and to point the audience to tools like phpMyAdmin, the MySQL-Workbench or equivalents.

I see. I'll use other tools then. :crying:

To be fair, it's necessary to remove known errors as long as we maintain the 2.4-branch. So, if you found and find further error messages like the one above, please tell us about it.

I did not find more errors yet. Actually, this specific error never allowed me to restore my backups even once...

BTW, since I backup everything every 30 minutes (emotional disorder :cool: )... the Backup feature was the punch line in my decision to go for 'my little forum', which was the best choice. Honestly.

I'll live without this feature - 'my little forum' is still much better then other bloated forums.

I wonder if 'my little forum' could create a database file in the home directory... I don't know much about servers and PHP though.

Thank you.

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