Discussion about the need of title-attributes (Design/Themes)

by Auge ⌂, Monday, July 18, 2016, 13:27 (2129 days ago) @ Micha


It seems to me, that we are at cross-purposes.

notably under the assumption that users of touch devices can not access the title-attributes values.

But other devices are able to show the attribute. So, I don't see the benefit of removing an attribute that works fine on common devices. The new template should be valid for all devices, shouldn't it?

Once again: It's not about title-attributes are bad and should therefore be removed. But if the value should be known to every user (independent from the used device) the title-attribute is the wrong place to store this piece of information.

If we want to make the software accessible for these users

... we should't restrict the software for other users. The users knows the limitation of a small device, he/she don't expect a full compatibility.

It's a limitation, to set an important information as normal text instead as attribute value? Sorry, wrong way around.

If an information is important, it should not be the value of an attribute, that is inaccessible for some of the users. That's a bug in design. If it is only a redundant information, it's IMHO unnecessary. In all other cases – neither a need-to-know nor a already-read-aside – it's ok, to deliver an additional information in a title-attribute, because it's not bad not to read it.

I think that many of the title-attributes in mlf2 are ok. But in some cases the use of the attribute is either inappropriate or unnecessary. IMHO we should identify these cases and remove the affected attributes.

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