Journal of the growth of a mobile aware template (Design/Themes)

by Auge ⌂, Friday, July 22, 2016, 15:58 (2125 days ago) @ needhelp2


Is it possible to minimize or collapse the Sidebar? Maybe that will make the design cleaner and easier to navigate?

Sorry, I misunderstood you. Yes, you are able to minimise the sidebar. You can do that anyway with the default template. The word "Sidebar" in the main header bar is a link and the small minus (-) or plus sign (+) in the top right corner of the bar is also a link. With both links you can collapse and expand the sidebar.

I changed this behaviour a bit in my template. The link with the minus or plus sign has gone. Instead of that the complete title bar of the sidebar, where you see the mouse pointer, is clickable to collapse and expand the sidebar. I don't know, if the script allows to change the standard behaviour at some points with JavaScript via the template. If yes, I would make the collapsed sidebar the standard behaviour in case of very narrow viewpoints (moible browsers).


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