Chinese package for 2.11 (my little forum 2.1.1汉化包) (Project organisation)

by Auge, Monday, July 20, 2009, 22:44 (5382 days ago) @ Paul Brouwer


Hatte auch auf Deutsch sein können. :-D

Das hätte es sein können. :-)

My PC supports Asian languages so I can see it, but I never managed to get Chinese characters on a western forum. :-D

It looks like both posters comes from China and if I'm right, they have chinese keyboards. Thatswhy they could write chinese characters.

I've seen the Chinese keyboards, but just a keyboard won't do it. Now you say this I realise that they probably work with a Chinese operating system.

They may use also an US-american (MS Windows ..., Mac OS..., UNIX, ...) or european (Linux (more or less)) OS. That OS should only be able to handle with chinese language. That's the only need at this point (if you set up an OS you have to choose the country and the (possible) language(s)).

Tschö, Auge

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