Chinese package for 2.11 (my little forum 2.1.1汉化包) (Project organisation)

by Paul Brouwer, Monday, July 20, 2009, 22:13 (5336 days ago) @ Augue

Hello Augue

How do you do this, writing Chinese characters on a western forum?

This is not a western forum. It's only a forum (without western). :-)

Well , what I meaned with "western" was the language. Hatte auch auf Deutsch sein können. :-D

My PC supports Asian languages so I can see it, but I never managed to get Chinese characters on a western forum. :-D

It looks like both posters comes from China and if I'm right, they have chinese keyboards. Thatswhy they could write chinese characters. If you want to know why you can see this characters in the view of mlf, that's because mlf uses UTF-8 as character code. With it you can have most of the caracter systems of this planet (and some more, i.e. klingon) together in one document.

Tschö, Auge

I've seen the Chinese keyboards, but just a keyboard won't do it. Now you say this I realise that they probably work with a Chinese operating system.

Greetz (Tschau)

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