Test-2 for block [rtl] ... [/rtl] (General)

by shian, Sunday, March 15, 2020, 11:36 (1491 days ago) @ Micha

Thank you,

Now it works [almost] perfectly!

The problems that I found in [rtl] mode until now are:

1. When two lines are written one immediately after the other - they are joined into one line (no <br>).

2. Does not parse smiles into icons - :-)

3. The [code] BBcode is not parsed.

This is the basic test code:

Some text in English...

[b]Some bold text in English...[/b]

[link=https://mylittleforum.net/]Link in English...[/link]

קצת טקסט בעברית... and in English! וחזרה לעברית???

English text & טקסט בעברית!!

מכשיר Wi-Fi בתדר 2.45Ghz! {/test}.

מכשיר Wi-Fi בתדר 2.45Ghz! איננו תקני.

[b]קצת טקסט [i][color=#f60]בעברית[/color][/i]... and in [i][color=#3c0]English[/color][/i] (bold)??[/b]

[link=https://www.rapideuphoria311.com/]קצת טקסט [i][b]בעברית[/b][/i]... and in [b]English[/b] :-)  (with link) ועוד טקסט בעברית!![/link]

[b][color=#939]Back to LTR mode[/color][/b]
חזרה לשמאל לימין

And this is the result screenshot:

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