My perfect MLF 2.5 version (Project organisation)

by Laurentiu ⌂, Buzau România, Wednesday, June 20, 2018, 15:12 (2126 days ago) @ Auge

Okay,let's clarify some of the requests I made:


I don't think a full voting up and down is necessary, just a simple Like system will do. If the user likes the post, just press Like, if not...nothing.

Responsive theme

I will dedicate my time and effort to design such a theme.


I was thinking to show a banner like most websites do nowadays. Like this one:

Ranks or user titles

A way to show what user rank the user has, just like already on the platform but maybe not as a hover effect, maybe an icon or a label.

Widgets and Logo

As a coder, you may know how to hard code them, but what about the general user?

Simple user profiles

You are right,they are perfect and simple, for some reason, I kept trying to see my profile and always got to the editing page and I though there were any pages for the actual profile, stupid me...:-D

Forum icons legend

Show the icons of threads like the sticky and unread ones to the bottom of the forums to let users know what each of them mean.

More file types to upload

So there will be no way to add other file types other than images? Like a .zip file? I guess we could just use links to them, from other sources...

Relative dates

This is really not a must for me...but would have been nice to see dates like 2 hours ago on the forums.

The theme and translation

My theme is already kind of responsive, it's based on the default one powered by the Bootstrap framework. I do have a lot of work to do until stable release. I could give the link to my live development if needed.
As for the translation, is about 40 % completed, without the admin interface.

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