Features for mlf 2.5 (Project organisation)

by Mardor ⌂, Monday, March 19, 2018, 14:26 (2259 days ago) @ Auge

A better way to manage uploaded files would be great. The last time I searched for orphaned files I scanned a database dump with a Python script to find the candidates for deletion.

It would be helpful if there was a possibility to upload other filetypes as well. At least ZIP files and PDF documents should be supported.

One proposed to make the forum program working as several forums.

I for one prefer MLF because it is a single-forum-system and no BBS.

idea number 3: Unsubscribing from e-mail-notifications

I second that. Plus: Maybe it did not discover the already existing check box but is there a way to implement a setting in the user profile to make subscriptions active by default?

idea number 4a: Store the information about the uploader of an image

Yes. Please.

idea number 4c: Delete images when deleting a posting where these images are included

… if there are no other references. See above.

idea number 6: Function to report a posting as abuse

Maybe a „like“ button would be nice, too?

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