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This was originally a follow up of this entry.

... MathJax ...

The administrator sets the url to the script files (like now to the google-service). The administrator can set a local url or an external CDN service.

MathJax works in another way than i.e. the Google-service, which is used in this instance. The forum script replaces the TeX-formulas inside its special BB-code to images and the selected service with the TeX-code as a URL-parameter as the source (src-attribute) of the image. With an external service, that works the same way than Google, one gets the image rendering for the formula.

\[a_1 \dots a_n\] => [tex]\[a_1 \dots a_n\][/tex]

\[a_1 \dots a_n\]

Not so with MathJax. MathJax needs the formula as source code in the page. There's no image replacement like (actually) in MLF. It might be also necessary not to add the BB-code ([tex][/tex]) to get MathJax working (haven't tested it yet). So the BB-code-button would not appear to prevent the "misuse" of the TeX-BB-Code (no TeX-service-URL given to the settings) but a forum could have TeX-support with MathJax nevertheless. The forum operator has to tell the audience how it works.

\[a_1 \dots a_n\]

The pure notation, like shown above, should be rendered as formula if the forum operator does not set the URL in the settings but loads MathJax (from CDN or locally hosted). It should work IMHO that way (I for myself used MathJax only with MathML, not with TeX).

In generally, it should be doable. But that's another thread. :-)

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