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by Auge ⌂ @, Wednesday, July 04, 2018, 20:59 (568 days ago) @ Micha


the lib has a size of only 2.8Mb compared to MathJax, that comes with 34.9Mb in its current version 2.7.4.

Objectively considered, the different in package size must result from differences in the number of features.

That's correct. MathJax supports not only LaTeX formulas but also formulas in MathML and ASCIImath as source, it provides output in HTML, SVG and also in MathML and it contains more font formats to support older browsers (i.e. old Opera versions with only SVG-font support or ancient IEs (down to IE6), that supports only the eot-format and so on) where you'll need only woff or woff2 for more or less modern browsers. MathJax is far more than only a formula renderer for websites and it's grown over the years.

My posting was only a notice about an alternative to MathJax. Before I found the library KaTeX I wasn't aware of an alternative to MathJax. We do not need to support one of the libraries directly. So, if we provide the ability to include none or one of the libs, we are done. And – thanks to your work – we are (for version 2.5).

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