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by Auge ⌂ @, Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 11:45 (619 days ago) @ Micha


That's the question. With only a URL we can't decide, to take the old or the new way.

Is it useful to support the old way (until the end[tm])?

Don't know (and no!). If we change the method of the TeX-rendering, it seems to be fair to make an old behaviour deprecated in a first step and not removing it instantly. On the other hand I wouldn't expect many forums using the TeX-formula-feature at all so it would affect only a few installations. Assuming, we inform our audience early and open enough, every one of the few affected forum operators can prepare her/himself.

What will we do in the future, if we found another service/way to enable TeX-support? Isn't it a barrel without ground?

This is not impossible but I would assume that future libs behave similar (not equal) to MathJax (clientside rendering and thatswhy JavaScript).

Currently, I prefer the following solution:
bbcode_tex can be enabled/disables (i.e. set to 1 or 0); per default, the option is disabled


bbcode_tex_uri is a new option to define the URI of mathjax (default value is the external service)

That would remove the old behaviour.

Depending on the tex option bbcode_tex, we add the script defined in bbcode_tex_uri (at runtime). If the option is disabled, we don't add any further script.

So the proposal is to remove the old way to render TeX-formulas?

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