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by Auge ⌂ @, Wednesday, November 23, 2016, 12:06 (458 days ago) @ Magma


Yes I do find the code lines you posted in includes/login.inc.php

For clarification: Do you find the code in the file on the server or in your unzipped copy on your computer?

I have automatic login enabled in the admin advanced settings. This problem happens with all user accounts whether they have automatic login ticked or not ticked within their user settings.

Within the admin advanced serttings
If I put 0 in the box failed login is disabled
If I put 1 in the box failed login works for 1 minute

If I put any other number in the box failed login does not block.


Please check the content of the mlf2_settings-table. Sometimes it occurs, that a few or all settings will be doubled during an update or a new installation with a backup of the data of an old installation. So please look for two or more lines with the same value for the column name. Maybe there are two lines for the setting temp_block_ip_after_repeated_failed_logins.

Could I try replacing the includes/login.inc.php file with the includes/login.inc.php from the 2.3.7 folder again :confused:

Yes, that's not a problem.

Tschö, Auge

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