What is the Procedure for Updating? (General)

by Auge ⌂ @, Tuesday, November 22, 2016, 09:17 (604 days ago) @ Magma

Hello Magma

My mind has gone blank, I'm sure it told me in the admin how to update in previous versions. I'm on and want to update to 2.3.7

I hoped to be able to point you to the wiki but, as I see now, is there no description of the update process.

I've downloaded the 2.3.7 folder, I've gone to my admin then clicked Update

It doesn't explain how to update. Do I have to upload the complete folder or certain files to start with.

Can you give me the exact update procedure again?

Ok, a basic structure for the wiki page (footnotes ([x]) for future use). Please read it carefully and ask here before you start the update, if there is anything unclear for you.

1. upload of update/update_2.x_2.3.php and update/update.sql [1]
2. reload of the update page in the admin area, now you should see a link to the update file update/update_2.x_2.3.php
3. follow the link, in a first step the script adds all changes to the database tables
4. after the database update, the page shows the list of files that have to be updated or (not so good) error messages [2]
5. upload all listed directories and files [3]
6. If the update needed writing access to the file config/db_settings.php (not needed in the update from to 2.3.7), revoke the writing right for the file (reset it to 644)
7. remove the files from the directory update, check for files int the directory install; if there are files poresent, remove them too

As last open the settings page, go to the advanced settings and check the setting version. In a installation of the version 2.3.7 from scratch you would find the value After an update you should see the correct value 2.3.7. Please report.

Tschö, Auge

[1] Beginning with 2.4 a new update file (update/update_2.3.5_2.4.php) and the additional file config/VERSION has to be uploaded.
[2] A common message would be to make the file config/db_settings.php writeable because of stuff like new tables. (no new tables in an update from to 2.3.7)
[3] Consider the following: if the script tells you for a plugin, to upload the complete directory, delete the old directory of the plugin and replace it with the one from the new version.

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