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by Willy Terlinden ⌂ @, Deutschland, Monday, May 28, 2007, 10:23 (4412 days ago) @ Alfie

I support this software since some years for the reason, that this one is not a feature monster like the other ones. Only small and simple.

Full ACK!

In the past I decided to use MLF because of it's simplicity.
And because both user groups could be pleased: Board View AND Thread View lovers .

But now we are loosing Users. I asked them why they leave.
For sure there are some Users which changed their topic and are not further
interested in our Forum at general. But most of them answered me,
that our Forum Software was missing some basic features.

The Board Overview was one of the most named features.
Looking forward to 2.0 I expect to loose all the users if there ist only the Thread view left.

They do not need Avatares an all the funny and colored features of the heavy Board scripts. But they are missing some basic functions which make it easier to read what is new.

They argued exactly the way needhelp338 does.

It is nice to have a simple Forum script, but it isn't without users.

Board View and Board summary are needed main features.
Without this MLF is going to be a project for a closed user circle.

I would not like to do so much work on a project like this without finding acceptance.

MLF had some larger installations in the last years.
Most of them changed their Software inbetween just because of missing basic Featuress.

just my 2 ct.


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