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by kittykuma, Thursday, January 02, 2014, 02:41 (3757 days ago) @ Auge

If you do a research for the forum softwares currently out there. You will see those Bulletin style ones are most popular.

here is some data I get after doing some research on forum software:

  • Vbulletin :cost $250
  • IpBoard: cost $20+ per month
  • phpBB: free and recent update include the sub-forum feature

so why not I choose phpBB?
Actually I trid the phpBB, but uninstalled it right after one day. Because I was turned off by That Gaint PHPBB logo stuck in the topleft corner. and the new user registration is too complicated, which will turn my visitor off I think.
On those two aspects, My little forum did really well. It allow user name their own site for the forum, and very simple registration process. That's the reason I switch to MLF.

If I am the owner of the MLF source code and are capable of complex coding. My business strategy will be go towards the Bulletin style. and price it at a competitive price tag less than $100 to compete with vbulletin and Ipboard.
It could offer free version for basic user. But if user need premium feature( sub-forum for example), they need to pay for it. My theory is if a site owner need sub-forum feature, that could mean their site already get lots of traffic, and they can afford to pay.

Those are just my 2 cents.

Hey visitors to this site, please stop staying in lurking mode. [image]
Please speak up your mind.
What style and feature you want MLF to be and to have?
Maybe the site owner should start a poll to check what ppl really want?

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