my site using my little forum (Project organisation)

by kittykuma, Saturday, December 28, 2013, 23:05 (3761 days ago)

Thank you very much for providing us with this great source code for us starters without much project funds to begin with.

here is what I come up with after tweak the source code css file.

I'm pretty satisfied with the result. although I'm a bit worried about the expandability issues raised by the future topic number increase. My site is about gaming and pet and such. It will be nice if I can divide my forum into game and pet those 2 major forum, and divide more sub-forum inside the game forum. maybe create a sql table for each games?

Is there anyway I can set subcategory and divide 'my little forum' to different sub-forum panels? If you guys can come up with a sub-forum panel solution, I will be happily donate at least $50 dollar to your project fund.
BTW: Is there anyway we could donate in the form of gift card (digital psn card code, etc)?

Thank you very much.


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