Is There Any Spam Protection For MLF v1.7 (General)

by Alfie ⌂, Vienna, Austria, Monday, September 03, 2007, 13:26 (5373 days ago) @ Larry
edited by Alfie, Monday, September 03, 2007, 13:44

Hi Larry!

Is there any Spam protection available for MLF v1.7 other than CAPTCHA that can be used for unregistered users?

Questions concerning the 1.x-branch please in the 'old forum'.

Some hints:

  • the bad-word list (better than nothing...)
  • the bad-behaviour script as suggested by Phil. Remark: I never got it up and running on 1.6.2, but also did not seriously try, because in my forum only registered users are allowed to post and the math-CAPTCHA solved all problems with spammers in contact.php...

Alfie (Helmut Schütz)
BEBA-Forum (v1.8β)

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