1.7x CAPTCHA (General)

by Larry Moore @, Saturday, May 10, 2008, 14:47 (5210 days ago) @ Alfie

Thanks, but the CAPTCHA selection in the Admin area is what I am having a problem with. Specifically, when I login as Admin select "Contact Form" and "Mathematical" as type, the selection process does not work for the contact, registration or posting form.

The problem is that the selection box does not remain active. As such when ever I login again as Admin, the selection for the posting, contact and registration form is displayed with no selections, no check mark in the box. Consequently, I need to know how I can make my selection for the "Contact Form" permanent so that it will work. I am clicking "Save" but apparently the setup is not being saved for CAPTCHA.

I don't have that same problem with any on the other Admin options on MLF 1.7. When I make any other change in the setup, the change is saved and every thing works as it should but not CAPTCHA. The only selection that I can get for CAPTCHA is the default Mathematical setting, which also can not be changed to Graphical and saved.

Do you have any idea what the problem might be? Again, thank you for your assistance...



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