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by Auge ⌂, Monday, January 02, 2023, 17:37 (503 days ago) @ vihuna

Hello and welcome

I have been trying to complete the spanish language (https://github.com/vihuna/mylittleforum/commit/dd94d199663066d46b33a18b1ee180ed9c76b50c).

But I have noticed that previous translations have some issues: missing accent marks (also `~` for the ñ, old character encoding issues?), some text entries are not translated, mixed upercase lowercase at the beginning of the text and other few errors and typos.

The language file is encoded as UTF-8 but it is possible, that one of the previous translators saved it in another encoding by mistake. So it's possible that one or another previous change got lost.

Also there are some inconsistencies in the language style used: it seems they had avoided the word "post" but used "mensaje" instead ("post" is quite used in spanish, although it seems "entrada" or "publicación" are the recommended ones), but for some other translations they had just used "postear" ("postear" sounds quite weird, not commonly used, probably not recommended).

In general you have to keep in mind, that the translations are typically made by several people over the time. As I know from the lessons in spanish language a friend of mine took years ago, the Spanish language can be very diverse, depending of the origin of the speaker and, in case of learning the language, your teacher (Spain, Central America or South America). So it is possible, that parts of the language definitions was translated by (a) Spanish user(s) and other parts by Argentinians or Mexicans (or …). So it takes no wonder, when it is a non-uniform conglomerate. That said, it would possibly be a good idea to be able to be more specific for the language name because this is not an issue for Spanish language only but also at least for Portuguese (Portugal versus Brazil versus former colonised countries), English (UK versus USA versus Autralia versus former colonised countries), French (France versus Belgium versus Overseas Territories versus former colonised countries), if we would have a Arabian tanslation also for this language group and – one may hardly believe it – also for the German language. But that's out of scope.

But definitively I prefer not to have to address this style issues.

I hope you can guide me on how to continue, if you are interested in this task.

The first step would be to complete the translation, where possible (your attemt looks very good in this regard). Afterwards feel free to open a pull request on Github so we would be able to insert your changes into the codebase. That would be very nice.

If you want to correct existing translated snippets in a second step, it would be really cool to know your origin (at least the continent or better the country).

Tschö, Auge

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