Completing spanish language (General)

by vihuna, Monday, January 02, 2023, 14:03 (570 days ago)


I have been trying to complete the spanish language (

But I have noticed that previous translations have some issues: missing accent marks (also `~` for the ├▒, old character encoding issues?), some text entries are not translated, mixed upercase lowercase at the beginning of the text and other few errors and typos.

Also there are some inconsistencies in the language style used: it seems they had avoided the word "post" but used "mensaje" instead ("post" is quite used in spanish, although it seems "entrada" or "publicaci├│n" are the recommended ones), but for some other translations they had just used "postear" ("postear" sounds quite weird, not commonly used, probably not recommended). But definitively I prefer not to have to address this style issues.

I hope you can guide me on how to continue, if you are interested in this task.


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