A proposal for making me not mixing up spam and ham functions (Features)

by Auge ⌂, Wednesday, August 17, 2022, 09:28 (673 days ago) @ Micha


I would arrange both blocks below each other.

Hmm, for narrow viewports it is implemented that way but for wide viewports this looks a bit odd. I changed the CSS-rule to display the blocks one below the other in my browsers web developer tools (WDT).


As you can see [1], I also removed the "Delete only"-button in the spam section for the screenshot with the WDT. The viewport has a width of roughly 1800 pixels, the content is no zoomed (in the browser) and my browser has a default font size of 16 pixels which is applied here.

That way there remains a lot of empty space. I don't know if this is desirable.

The other thing is, that the icons, I used for the mockup, are the default icons with dimensions of roughly 16 to 16 pixels (or lesser). They are blown up to much more than 200% of their original size, what looks bad.

So the chain of things to do gets another chain link, the overhaul of the icon set with larger versions of the current set (if the original set is still avaliable in a larger version), a new, different pixel based set with a much higher resolution or with a SVG-based set. I (for myself) prefer a solution with SVG icons.

My own set is not the beautiest, I can imagine, it is not really consistent in its style and it differs clearly from the current set. The latter may be desirable or not.

There are several sources for more consistent icon sets with free licenses, where we would be able to generate SVG-based exports. Most of these sets are unicoloured, what would be a huge optical change. On the other hand it would give us the possibility to apply it i.e. to buttons (or other elements) in the text color with the feature to change the colour when hovering the element (if the element is interactive).

The option "Delete only" is redundant and can be omitted in my opinion.


All in all, ich think it is an improvement to join both options.

So this is a first ok (beside the additional open tasks).

Tschö, Auge

[1]: *btw* The uploaded screenshot is saved in the WebP-format what shrinked the file size of the image from the already small amount of 38kB of the PNG-image to 15kB.

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