A proposal for making the parent entry visible when replying (Features)

by Auge ⌂, Tuesday, August 16, 2022, 16:13 (608 days ago) @ Auge


2. Micha:

- knows about the issue to not seeing the entry, one replies to and proposes to display the entry, one replies to, above the answer field, similar to the kind, it is handled in the SelfHTML-forum

And so it came, that I made a mockup of a new posting page. This proposal, if and when implemented, makes one of the arguments for keeping the preview-bubble-feature obsolete.

The page contains …

1. … the parent posting, one want's to reply to, …
2. … the (optional) preview block and …
3. … the posting form (here one for a registered user)

- All elements of the enty form and all links are disabled in the mockup.
- If the planned entry is the starting entry for a new thread, the block for the parent entry (1.) does not apply.
- If one didn't request the preview, the block for the preview (2.) does not apply.

So if one starts a new thread, one sees only the entry form when opening the posting page. If one uses the preview-button, one additionally sees the preview block. Currently the preview gets displayed above the entry form. I didn't change this behaviour in the mockup.

If one wants to write a reply, one sees the parent entry block and the entry form for the reply below. If one uses the preview-button, one additionally sees the preview block between the parent entry and the entry form.

Currently I didn't add CSS rules to make the parent entry and the prewiew more distinguishable. There are only the headings and the dotted hr-lines between the (maximal) three blocks.

For comparision:

The SelfHTML-forum, mentioned by Micha, has another order for the blocks. The order there is (from top to bottom): parent entry, entry form and the preview block below the entry form as last block and as part of the entry form. The submit button(s) are there located below the preview. Additionally there is another big difference. The preview is live rendered with JavaScript. That means, that when one inserts text in the textarea or in the input for the subject, this gets displayed immediately in the preview block.

Tschö, Auge

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