Site Slow After Server Migration (General)

by Magma, Tuesday, August 09, 2022, 13:54 (676 days ago) @ Auge

- Which webserver software in which version?
- Which PHP version?
- Which database software in which version?

cPanel Version 94.0 (build 25)
Apache Version 2.4.54
PHP Version 5.6.40
MySQL Version 5.7.23-23

I didn't take much notice of the versions before the migration as everything was loading quick and we were happy. They didn't even tell us beforehand that they were going to migrate the server, I found that out myself and confronted them with it after about the seventh email back and forth with support.

Pages with just text and images under 500KB seem to load quick but any image over that takes a while. Gifs that took maybe 3 seconds to load before migration now take over 1 minute, you literally see every frame of the gif load.

Would the nameservers have anything to do with it? I noticed they haven't changed.

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