Release of version 20220529.1 (2.5.3) (General)

by Holger @, Germany, Tuesday, August 02, 2022, 10:52 (657 days ago) @ Auge


I tried an upgrade from 2.4.24 to 2.5.3 on a staging site ( )
First issue with the db update script was a duplicated id in the userdata.useremail colum. I fixed this by deleting this user ;-)

After this the upgrade script was ok, but now all date strings a strange like this:

Forumszeit: %02.%08.%2022, %12:%Aug (Europe/Berlin)
Allgemeine Termine - holger, %09.%11.%2018, %13:%Nov […] [*] [○] [x] (Rund um Fußball)

It's with also with the default theme.

Any idea?


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