Release of version 20220529.1 (2.5.3) (General)

by Auge ⌂, Sunday, May 29, 2022, 20:01 (633 days ago) @ Auge


This is the next bugfix release in the 2.5-branch. We also introduced a new feature and begun the HTML and CSS-overhaul for the main section (between the submenu and the page footer). This is far from done but the main thrad listing views and the starting page of the admin panel in a smartphone browser should be less buggy now. Additionally we fixed an edge case in the function to delete a user account.

Known issue: When installing the forum, it is in some cases possible, that the installation succeeds but the redirect to the forum page fails with the error message "database unavailable". In this case you will see the URL of the forum in the address bar of the browser (i.e. https://www.example.org/forum or https://forum.example.org) without the trailing /install of the installation script. When refreshing the page, the forum works normally. We know this but we didn't find the cause til now.

The changes are noticed in the release message on Github where one also can download the package of the new release.

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