Error during update from 2.3.3 over 2.3.7 to 2.4.11 (General)

by WorldofBB, Friday, June 29, 2018, 00:23 (2118 days ago)

I just completed a massive long overdue update from version 2.33, to 2.34, 2.35, 2.36.1, 2.37 and then finally directly to the latest version 2.4.11.

Everything seemed to go smoothly, barring some theme customization I have to put back in, but on the last update the GRPR seems to have broken something.

When I try to post I get this error:

Database error!
Unknown column 'dps_accepted' in 'field list'

I get similar errors when trying to run the queries in phphmyadmin that you suggested as well.

Keep in mind that my setup was at 2.3.3 the last time anyone logged in, so I'm not sure what went wrong during the upgrade, but as of right now it is preventing anyone from posting, with no popups or anywhere that I can see to bypass it or work around it.


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