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by Auge ⌂, Wednesday, April 25, 2018, 21:04 (2181 days ago)


While working on the text about the data privacy statement I visited the sites of the plugins, we use. Most of them got actualised since we updated them in My Little Forum for the last time.

- Smarty: We are at 3.1.30, the Github page provides the version 3.1.32 which was released yesterday (2018-04-24). Should we update to this brandnew version? The change_log.txt lists a whole slew of changes and fixes after the 3.1.30 (actually above line #256). Or should we move to the not so brandnew 3.1.31 instead? [edit]DONE, updated Smarty to 3.1.32.[/edit]

- Bad Behaviour: We are at 2.2.19, the project page provides version 2.2.20. I've downloaded the new version and will include it in the repository within the next days. [edit]DONE, updated Bad Behavior to 2.2.20.[/edit]

- GesHi: we are at, the projects sourceforge-page provides the version 1.0.9 in the stable branch and as newest development-version 1.1.2alpha5. Should we update and if yes, to which version? [edit]DONE, updated GesHi to 1.0.9.[/edit]

- Akismet: well, the API documentation lists several mandatory and optional keys and if I compare the key names with the code in the posting.inc.php beginning with line #843 I assume, that we use outdated field names. The Akismet-class, Alex included eight years ago is 10 years old. The project page, named in the classes source code seems to be not accessible anymore (the actually pages content seems to be made with japanese characters). What to do?

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