Serious bug in Chrome for Android (General)

by danielb987, Tuesday, May 23, 2017, 13:45 (276 days ago) @ Auge


When I was a child, my dad told me to work very systematic when trying to find bugs. And that is a lesson that has been very useful over the years.

Therefore I started by saving the forum page as a HTML page and then edited the HTML code in order to find the point there the bug kicks in. At first, I expected some error in the HTML code and I tried to find the bug by removing some HTML tags. But in that process I found that it didn't matter WHAT I removed, as long as I removed SOMETHING. So I took it to the point there I had two almost identical web pages, which differs by only one single ascii character.

Yes, the category name is wrong. But that is due to my efforts to try to find the bug. This page is a static HTML page, not a page generated from the forum. (It was generated by MyLittleForum in the first place, but I have edited the source since then).

Yes, I'm not surprised that both pages are broken for you. I don't know why the bug happens, but since I get the bug if I add one character and removes the bug if I removes a character, it looks like some buffer overflow, out of memory or something like that. And my phone maybe has more free memory or more free resources than your phone?

The two pages differs in:
"Anslagsla, resor mm" - error
"Anslagsa, resor mm" - works for me.

So the difference is the letter "L". Add that letter and I get the error. Remove that letter and I don't get the error. It probably doesn't matter which letter I add. If I add a letter X I would probably get the error, but I haven't tried that.

The error may depend on the phone model, the number of programs active in the phone, the number of installed apps in the phone, and so on...

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