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by danielb987, Tuesday, April 04, 2017, 14:52 (229 days ago) @ Auge

And when a forum administrator log in to the forum, the forum checks the compares the version of the forum with the file and displays that for the administrator.

We have such a check since version 2.4. An admin of an actual version will be informed about the new version or, if that failes, has a direct link for the check in the menu page of the admin area. But, to be honest, wether our nor your solution reaches the admins of outdated versions.

I was not aware of that. When I updated my forum, I couldn't update it so I had to install a new forum and then import the data. In my forum, the table "mlf2_temp_infos" is empty and therefore the admin menu page shows the text "Actual available release: Check the releases list for the actual available version". This gave me the impression that the forum doesn't check the latest version of MLF version on the server.

I did a test and found that when the next forum comes out, the table "mlf2_temp_infos" will be updated and then I will see the latest version in the admin page.

The function "checkUpdate()" in the file includes/ at line 2670 checks if the latest version is newer than the installed version and if not, returns false. I think this test is unnecessary since it is only run once a day and until a new version is released, the forum administrators get the impression that they have to check version manually.

I suggest that you always update the table "mlf2_temp_infos" with the latest version. A quick SQL query run once per day doesn't slow down the web site.

A simple solution would be to have a text file with the version number, like "2.4.2" at the web server:

What's the benefit of it? One has to request this file to check it's content. The forum owners of the outdated installations never (or at least seldom) checked the project page for updates since the installation of their forum. I don't expect them to do this in the future with a new file/URL.

I didn't know that you already had implemented that functionality. See above.

This obviously doesn't work very well then not even My Little Forums own forum is up to date.

This case is different from the others. Alex is the original author of the software and the domain owner of He is the only one, who can actualise the forum software on this domain. And at the moment he is not reachable (for whatever reason). Even when Milo and me force the development at the moment, we have no administrative access to the project domain.

I'm sorry, I didn't know that. I apologize.

Best regards,

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