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by Auge ⌂ @, Wednesday, April 05, 2017, 06:45 (229 days ago) @ danielb987


We have … a check [for the available version] since version 2.4.

I was not aware of that. … In my forum, the table "mlf2_temp_infos" is empty and therefore the admin menu page shows the text "Actual available release: Check the releases list for the actual available version".

Ah, your table is empty. Mine is also empty, but I know why it's empty in my forum. It's because my hoster blocks every attempt to contact external servers with a PHP script. Thatswhy I wrote about the possibility of "the failing of 'the three methods'".

It would be interesting, why the check fails in your forum.

This gave me the impression that the forum doesn't check the latest version of MLF version on the server.

That's reasonable.

I did a test and found that when the next forum comes out, the table "mlf2_temp_infos" will be updated and then I will see the latest version in the admin page.

Oh, yes you are right. The check inside the function checkUpate writes only to the database, when the data of the installed and as new reported versions are different. That's not very plausible for the user.

I suggest that you always update the table "mlf2_temp_infos" with the latest version. A quick SQL query run once per day doesn't slow down the web site.

Yes. Better would be (IMHO) not only to compare the installed with the reported version numbers, but also to compare the stored, yesterday reported and the newly reported number and only white to the database, when …

- … these two numbers are different or
- … there is no reported value or
- … if the newly reported number is different from the number of the installed version.

Besides from that, the query should and does (?) run once per day. Please report the value of the setting next_daily_actions and the time, when you read it from the enhanced settings (date, time, timezone).

This obviously doesn't work very well then not even My Little Forums own forum is up to date.

Alex … is the only one, who can actualise the forum software on this domain. And at the moment he is not reachable …

I'm sorry, I didn't know that. I apologize.

There is no reason to apologise at all.

Tschö, Auge

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